Monday, October 16, 2006

Secret Pal 9 Contest Questions

1. Where is your favorite knitting spot?
My favorite knitting spot is curled up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee, the cat near by, the dog out of the picture and some nice company, or it might be the comfortable chair at my weekly knitting group!
2. If you suddenly could never knit again (shudder) - what would you do instead?
I would quilt, or read.
3. If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would you go and why?
I would travel to England and see all the spots I read about in the English mystery novels and knit for a bit in each one.
4. When you were little - What did you want to do "when you grew up?" Are you doing it?
I wanted to be a doctor but I wound up being a teacher and I absolutely love what I do. I am not in a classroom anymore but work as a math staff developer. Who would have guessed as a kid, I didn't even know this type of work existed!
5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
I still LOVE a good vanilla.

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