Sunday, October 15, 2006

Soap fest continues!

I can't believe that I let another week pass without even one little post BUT with the week I had, I should be excused! I had a four day week at work but feel like I did six days of work there. Stayed late every night and I'm getting too old for a series of 14 hour days! Somehow while cleaning my laundry room last weekend I unplugged my freezer. So on Wed. I was faced with a whole freezer full of defrosted and rotten food. What a mess.
This weekend I had a workshop all day on Sat. then friends for dinner. On Sunday I wrapped and trimmed about half my soap for my November show (I'd take a picture but we all know when my camera is), and now I just need to squeeze in wrapping the rest. So now, I'm going to sit and knit on my sock for a while.

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