Thursday, October 26, 2006

A very quiet week

I had a super quiet week. I went to work on Monday and had a sliding door from a small storage unit slip off its hinge and wack me on the head. WOW, did it hurt but I put ice on the lump that formed right away and kept thinking that the headache would go away. Well, on Tuesday I woke up with a splitting headache, ready to barf and with shooting pain in my neck and in MY KNITTING ARM.
So I took myself to the Fast Track at the hospital and was diagnosed with a mild concussion and a neck sprain. SO in spite of having very nice new yarn around, lots to do for my upcoming shows I have spent the last few days doing nothing but sleeping. I'm going to work tomorrow. I have a meeting in the AM and it will be a nice place to sleep!


Amanda Cathleen said...

Oh no!!! Hope you feel better soon!!

Heatherly said...

how awful!
Mend quickly!

Crazy About Sox said...

What! OMG...Now why did you do that? If you wanted a day off just take it... :)