Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Secret Pal 9 Box is here

I came home on Friday to a nice treat. My box was here from my Secret Pal. As you can see she really knows me. There was a set of sock blockers, something I've always wanted but been too lazy and cheap to make or buy! There was also the cutest little purse shaped like a sock and a set of sock needle protectors. I'm going to use the little purse to store stitch markers and the needle protectors.
I've had a busy and fun weekend. Out to dinner on both Friday and Sat. nights with friends. Sat. during the day I continued the marathon to get ready for my November Show. Made scrubs, creams and lotions. Sat. night I went to see the new Robin Williams movie, Man of the Year. VERY funny. Today I am baking for a Bridal Shower at my school Monday morning, made a big batch of scones and a braided prune filled coffee cake. My mother and grandmother will be over to visit later.
On Friday I get to go away to Stitches. Can't wait!!!!!!


trek said...

How's the arm?
Enjoy Stitches for me.

Heatherly said...

i love the sock purse! so cute!

Duane and Nancy said...


Been spending the morning reading blogs.

We gave our granddaughter a little sock purse from Christmas last year that she dearly loves. Holds just the right amount of pennies, lol.