Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14th

It's hard to believe that two years have passed since Bob passed. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times like a lifetime away.

I took my mother to NYC for a medical test today and then we ate at IHOP near my house. Bob wanted to eat at IHOP when he came home because when he was going to the Nursing home for subacute care he looked out the window of the ambulance saw IHOP and wanted some pancakes. We would talk about it every now and then but he was too sick and never did get there. Caroline and I have gone there on his birthday and a few other times. We are not cemetery people but this does seem like a good way to remember him.

I drove my Mom back down to the beach and instead of going to the beach I fell asleep on the couch in the house for hours! In the evening I joined Caroline at Chili's with her friend who is just about ready to have a baby and re celebrated Caroline's birthday.

I did get lots of knitting done on the butterfly vest and I LOVE it.

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Katya said...

Ah, Frances, it really doesn't seem like two years since Bob passed...I remember when it happened and I felt so bad. I am glad you are able to remember him in a way that would make him smile.

There must be something in the AIR! We had to run out today for some errands. Mark and Ben ran into Circuit City...I made Angus go into the back seat with Michelle and Murphy. I plopped my purse on Mark's seat, leaned over on it, and fell soundly asleep!!!!
Michelle couldn't believe I did this, as I never sleep in the afternoon, much less in the truck!!!

Big hugs your way for you and for Caroline, too! It sounds like you had a good day.

I cannot wait to see your vest completed!!!!