Sunday, August 03, 2008

Still Cleaning Out

For two years I have sporadically been on a mission to declutter this house. Bob and I were BOTH terrible pack rats. During times of stress or sloth, we carefully stored away bags and boxes of junk and foolishness. When Bob came home for hospice, we needed to clear out half of the family room for him to have a spot for his bed etc. MORE clutter and junk carefully or just crammed into shopping bags and boxes hidden. THEN we converted the unfinished attic like storage space on the top floor into a sitting room for Caroline. Stuff was exposed, unbelievable amounts of stuff came to light, some we dumped, some in true hereditary manner, I just found new spots to recram. NOW I really am getting serious. Caroline decluttered my old "sewing room" a room when I never really sewed, just stored massive amounts of craft stuff. Yesterday, I dejunkified Caroline's old bedroom. I can actually see carpet (very ugly carpet actually) there and today I am going to tackle the downstairs guest room which is the biggest suck of junk in this house. When I gave up doing craft fairs, ALL that stuff and lots of other junk that lost a home in the other clean ups we have been doing migrated to this room. Does all this stuff sneak around in the night OR am I supposed to believe that I actually shoved all that stuff in there?

SO the driveway is again lined up with garbage bags and we have 5 huge garbage bags of stuff to be donated to Goodwill. I can't imaging the amount of stuff that will come out of this room.

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Katya said...

Oh my! I don't have that "packrat" tendency at all. My parents used to store EVERYTHING and it made me crazy. So, I am one of those people who, if I don't use something within a few months, will find someone else who will use it! Although, we still are storing some of my FIL's things in the basement...ugh! Of course, Mark never goes to the basement, so he cannot see all of those boxes sitting there!!!!!

You are going to feel so "light" when you get done! It sounds like you had a lot of stuff to get rid of, for sure! What a great helper Caroline must be. She can probably convince you to get rid of some things you aren't sure about?

Good luck finishing up!!