Monday, August 18, 2008

Learning New Things

I got a new cell phone on Sat. The last time I got a new cell phone was not a good time in my life so I never really learned how to use it and felt like a jerk being so clunky with it.

For a number of reasons it was time for a new phone so I now own a phone that lets me get e mail, directions, sent messages, has a little key board and I'm told will even respond to my voice commands (unlike the people and pets who live in my house). I am determined to figure out how to use ALL the features of this thing before I decide that I only use whatever! So yesterday I took Caroline to the airport and I used the navigator to get there and back. I've been driving to this airport for 20 years and it took me home a slightly more complicated way BUT really shorter and easier!

So in the spirit of learning how to use the phone I took pictures of two new dishcloths that I am sending out in a swap. This might not be the best picture but I'm proud of learning the process!!! One dishcloth used a stitch which was new to me. Here it is, knit a few rows then repeat this ( yarn over, knit 2, pull yarn over across two knit stitches) repeat across row. Do a few rows of plain stitches and then repeat. This is called the Indian Corn Stitch and is part of the Meg Swanson Gansy KAL I'll be starting in Sept. The other dishcloth is an outline of the state of NJ with NJ next to it. The theme of the swap is states so it did a map dishcloth and a dishcloth to represent my favorite summer NJ grown foods, corn, tomato, and blueberries. Corny but how profound can a dish cloth get?

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Katya said...

Yay! I am so inspired and impressed by you!!!!!

Electronics these days are so complex. Your phone sounds incredible and that photo is FAR better than anything I have even done with my phone! Good for you!

The dishclothes are really cool!