Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Excited

Very early Thursday morning I'll be flying off for the first real vacation involving a plane, real luggage and plans for touristish places that I have taken in years! I'm going to my sister's(not the one whose home I'm visiting) at 4:00AM to fly to California at 7:AM. I've been to California years ago with Caroline on a Cheer leading trip. This is my first time in San Fransisco.

The animals and house are being house sat and my friend's wonderful husband will continue working in my house so I are fortunate that the animals are being taken care of without any real trouble on my part. I'm pretty much packed, ALL my clothing is ironed (do they give out Olympic Medals for that?)AND the house is clean and my back to school workshops are planned out! I just have to complete the list to TO DOs for Katie, then run out to the store for last minute pet stuff, visit my hospice lady, have dinner with my son, go to the post office and I'm good to go!

I think I'll sit and knit! The picture is my sister and younger brother at Susan's third birthday. My mother is in the background picking something up. This was taken in my family's "finished basement" before it got turned into bedrooms for our family of 6 kids plus any other relatives who either needed or wanted a place to live!

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Katya said...

Well, I am too late to wish you a good trip, but oh, what fun you are going to have! Godspeed, Frances!