Monday, August 11, 2008

Where is the Summer going?

Wow, I'll be back to school in a few weeks. The way I spend money when I'll home it will be a

I've been watching the Olympics and enjoying them and cheating with knitting on my EZ Butterfly Jacket (vest) instead of the Ravelympic socks.

My friend's husband is back and doing more work upstairs. He is scraping wall paper from the high part of the stair well and Spackle THEN he is going to Sheetrock the walls and ceiling of Caroline's old room and put a door to the top floor. The top floor is really going to look nice.

Friday, I went to a staff party that my principal gave at her summer home in the Hampton's. We all went in her pool and had a very nice time. It rained on and off towards the end of the day and as we were getting on the road to go back home there was a double rainbow over the road. It felt like we drive right threw it. I hope this is a good sign for a our new school year. We have lost LOTS of money in our school budget for a number of reasons and this new year will be challenging!

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Katya said...

Wow! Your friend's hubby sounds like a treasure! How cool to have someone like him around.

It seems like so many school districts around here are cutting and cutting back. I think people are beginning to feel such a pinch on gas prices that they feel like everything needs to be "tightened".

Mark and I were talking one day about how schools have changed. I remember when we used to get that plain paper for doing math problems. We were given pencils, Lindy pens, (I always loved the dark blue pen with the little silver seal on it!!!) and erasers.
Paper was always available....Now kids have to bring all their own stuff. I was shocked when WalMart had listings posted by teachers for suplies needed in classes!