Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day of This & That

Today was one of those vacation days that just slip away. I had a manicure scheduled at 9:30. As usual I woke up early, I can only sleep late on work day and I saw that Macys was having a one day sale. They advertized luggage for sale and I saw a really pretty bracelet on the Early Bird Sale that looked perfect for Caroline. So After my manicure I hopped over to Macys, I have not been in a mall department store in probably a few years and got Caroline a really nice garment bag for her business trip and a beautiful bracelet as a late birthday gift. While I was applying for a Macy Credit card the sales women noticed that my drivers liscense was expired. I did a little shopping, reconfirmed that I hate big stores and malls and then went for a pedicure. This was the most relaxing pedicure I have ever had. The skinny young women who took care of me massaged a lump of unrefined shea butter the size of an egg into my legs and feet. I could have stayed there all day. When she did the hot stones I was ready to just go to sleep.

After this luxury I ate a quick lunch in the car and went home to find my id and then went over to Motor Vehicle which is now conveniently located very close to home and got a new liscnese and registration.

Katie has a terrible case of poisen ivy and she wound up in the emergency room to get IV meds so it is just the two of us home tonight. Caroline is out with her two cousins for a girls night out down at the beach.

The up side to all of this is that I got to knit in between each thing so I am now about 10 rows away from the shoulder shaping on the butterfly vest. I'll post a pictur asap!

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Katya said...

It sounds like you found some great gifts at Macy's! They have some of the most wonderful buys when things are on sale.

That pedicure sounds FANTASTIC!!!! Why have I never had one? I think I would fall asleep in the miiddle of it, though. Like a dog, I love to be petted, rubbed, tickled and just touched! When I get my hair washed at a salon, I nearly pass out! That pedicure sounds so luxurious! My poor feet get so tired!

Gads, I am a real slacker when it comes to getting registrations and inspections on time! hehehe!!!! Wonder I have never been picked up for not having the proper paperwork!