Monday, August 04, 2008

August 4th

Today I woke up with mostly every part of me sore and aching. Sunday was another day of sorting and tossing. I did make shopping bags of goodies to give away. Neither room is picture ready yet but both are cleared out enough that I can really sort and organize.

I got two new patterns in the mail today, Wool Gathering with a Gansey Pattern and Schoolhouse press butterfly vest . I may change my ravelympics goal to the vest.

I took Marly aka the DevilCat in to be declawed today. His actual procedure is done on Tuesday but they kept him to avoid having him eat or have another fit about getting into the carrier. I think I'll like him much more when he is not scratching my new furniture!

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Katya said...

Frances, lots of people think it inhumane to declaw a kitty. I had one several years ago and grew tired of her scratching EVERYTHING! My neighbor at that time was a vet. I asked him about the kitty and he said that the BOSS in his bunch of barncats was one fellow who ws totally declawed!He said that many times, kitties get their point across with their TEETH, not using claws. Made me feel better!