Friday, August 22, 2008

California is Beautiful

Now that I'm here they may not be able to get rid of me. It is so beautiful here! When we got out of the white stretch limo which took us home from the airport(I felt like I should have been in a prom dress!) the first sensation I had was the beautiful fragrance of lavender. There is a huge bush right at the entrance to my sister's house.

The house is absolutely beautiful, the yard and pool with fresh rosemary and tons of lavender growing around it wonderful. So far we have been visiting, I went to see my nephew's school and participate in his back to school day. We have driven around a bit and all I want to do is look out the windows like a little kid.

Some of the surroundings are exactly the same as back home in NJ. Safeway, their grocery store could have been my A&P at home. A few different brands but almost the same. The trees and scenery are so beautiful. My sister lives in a area where the homes are spaced in between vineyards. There are olive trees, rosemary, mega rose bushes and all sorts of flowering trees, shrubs and bushes all around. They have not had rain so the surrounding hills are a golden color not green but it certainly is a beautiful place to live.

I had no problem bringing my knitting on the plane. One of the crew members saw me knitting and sent another crew member to me for a impromptu toe up sock on two circ needles lesson. I finished the socks that were on my needles and started my Ravelympic sock project but I'm pretty sure that I will not get it finished and right now all I can say is "Whatever!"

If I can figure out how to post pictures from my cell phone I will. I'll see Caroline tonight. It's weird to think that Caroline and I are in California and we'll be seeing the Pacific on Sat and Steven is working at a job and surfing in Montauk!

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Katya said...

I am so thrilled you are enjoying your visit, Francces! It must be so much fun seeing all sorts of new and different things. I closed my eyes and thought about the lavender...I think I could almost smell it!

I hope you can figure out how to upload the pictures! I would love to see them!

Relax...enjoy...and so happy to see you are having some good fun!