Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Days at the Beach

Yesterday, I went back to Lavalette to spend the day with ALL my sisters. Since Susan moved to California we have not been able to get together ALL four of us very often. We had a delightful day, nothing special, just hanging out at the beach, ordering in food and talking nonstop for hours. Time went so fast that although I had planned to get home by 9 or so I didn't get in until 11:30!

I miss my kids, my son is working nonstop and I hardly ever see him and Caroline is in California for a week of training. She really is growing up! The picture are of Caroline when she was about 10 or so and the two boys are my nephews Jake and Luke who are now around ten playing in the backyard in Lavallette when they were little. Now Caroline is an "adult" and off working and these two are the youngest of the family.
I finished the body of my Lady Feb sweater and now I need to get serious about what knitting to bring with me to CA. and especially for the plane trip. I don't fear anything about this trip except having my knitting needles taken from me and being stuck forever without anything to do and talking some one's ear off when they really was to sleep or relax because I can't use my normal sedative of knitting!

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Katya said...

Your day must have been fantastic! It is so much fun visiting with family. There are so many memories together and such history....And pictures! I love looking at old photos.They always take me back and "recycle" old memories! Not that I would want to live in old memories, but it is fun remembering.

I never thought about knitting needles on the flight. Hopefully, you will be able to knit! How long is the flight? The longest flight I ever took was from Anchorage. How exciting to be going to California!!!!